Our Centre

A warm urban spa located in the heart of downtown Montreal, right at the foot of Mount Royal, in the Drummond Medical Building. This magnificent New York style building was built in 1921 to house the Drummond Hotel. Ten years later, it became the Drummond Medical Building.

From the moment you step into the Josée Doucet Health and Beauty Centre, you will feel completely at ease in an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation.
As a team, we specialize in Lipomassage by Endermologie®, the world-renowned technique that effectively combats cellulite which affects 90% of women!
We also offer an array of complementary beauty treatments.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Josée Doucet, founder and owner of this spa.
For over thirty years now I have evolved in the realms of health, well-being and appearance. As a woman, it is paramount that my body, mind and health be in complete harmony. I am happy to put my personal and professional experience at your service in order to help you attain your goals. I sincerely believe that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Yes, it is possible to improve oneself. If this is what you want, I can assist you in achieving your personal objectives.

To do so, I have carefully selected my team of professionals. I also believe that alone we can only accomplish so much, but as a team, sky’s the limit!

Team Members:

Let’s begin with myself,

Josée Doucet
Josée Doucet:

I am qualified in esthetics and make-up, Swedish and Californian massage, reflexology and Lipomassage by Endermologie®.
For many years, I have developed my expertise as an esthetician (facial/body care and make-up) to later specialize in artistic make-up, which lead me to work in theatre, film and entertainment. Nine years ago, I trained as a technician in Lipomassage by Endermologie® and opened my own centre. One year after that, I decided to expand. I bought two more Cellu M6 L.P.G. machines and added diverse beauty treatments. That is why I put together this wonderful team of professionals that I am very happy to introduce to you...

Micheline Langlois

Micheline Langlois

20 years of expertise in therapeutic massage. Passionate, great personality. Micheline is a member of our team since 2006.
You are in good hands.

Our Clientele

Faithful from the very start, our clientele comes from various walks of life: business, sports, arts, media. Mothers, working women, students. Even men...

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