Forever grateful to endermologie!

I tried everything to get rid of my cellulite without success. Everything changed when I discovered Josee Doucet’s salon. After only one treatment I could already feel a change. I am now completing a series of treatments and my cellulite is almost gone. I cannot thank you enough Josee for your expert care, and your passion to help people feel good about themselves. You do incredible work!!!

Michaela Mayerova

Cellulite, my body’s worst enemy since adolescence, has never ceased to harass, by disguising itself and changing its form at all ages throughout my life. Diets, creams, massages, region exercises: nothing ever changed. Ah! Genetics and hormones!

Today, in my late forties, after having found a well-deserved break from liposuction ten years ago, this ugly deformation of cells has underhandedly returned to haunt me once more. Lipomassage by endermologie, recommended to me by French girlfriends, immediately stopped the propagation.

I immediately had the pleasure to experience a sense of well-being through the precision massage applied at the desired strength, through the relaxation following each session, by quickly seeing (after 6 sessions) my skin change, which only positive results persisted. The effects of cleansing and reducing continuously, even after interrupted sessions (17 total) of attack.

I continue a monthly appointment, yet it is not only for the relaxing massage but also for the pleasure of seeing Josée Doucet again. Her warmth and generosity has transformed my attitude towards this hated cellulite into sought after appointments of pure joy.

Pascale D .

I have not felt so good about myself for so long and that is so priceless! After a series of treatments not only was I able to say good-bye to cellulite, but I now wear a size smaller! Lipomassage by endermologie is definitely the best kept secret in town so make the best of it!


After 10 years of skating and three pregnancies, I ended up having large thighs.
Thanks to endermologie, I am now able to show my legs off again, which are now much thinner, shapely and lighter!

Pascale Gravel, 36 ans

I began regular treatments of lipomassage by endermologie two years ago at Josée Doucet’s Health and Beauty Centre. Not only did I have cellulite, I was also 15 lbs. overweight which I had wanted to lose for a long time.

The treatments were very helpful in eliminating the extra weight, as well as improving the overall appearance of my thighs. It was a pleasure meeting Josée Doucet at every session because she’s very kind and gives good advice. After each treatment, I sensed a well-being. I continue these treatments today on a regular basis to maintain what I have acquired.